Cercle d'Energie | About me
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About me

Already in my early childhood I pursued a deep belief, but also felt that there are other energies that surround and accompany us in our life, energies that refer to one divine source. Spiritual experiences followed and by the age of 20 I discovered that, being at powerful places my hands started swelling and energy collected in them. At that time I still hadn’t recognized the connection that with this ability I could help others.


It was due to my own health issue that led me to the right place. By the age of 12, a strong scolioses was diagnosed which degraded steadily in spite of daily physiotherapy. I had to wear at day and night a Milwaukee surgical corset with neck support during my whole adolescence. But despite this physical constraint I made my way filled with optimism.
Since many years I pursued the idea of helping people who suffer from spinal problems.
One day I came across the wonderful Divine Straightening® and after having had a straightening treatment myself and having being overwhelmed by the astonishing results I saw clearly my new life purpose in front of me.

From the depth of my heart it’s my wish to help people find their way to a healthy and fulfilled life, to open up their awareness for a healthier nutrition and environmental concerns and give guidelines for the new generation children of high energies and their parents.
May all beings be in their physical, emotional and mental balance and their life energy flow in loving, harmonic and enlightened ways.

My education

2012: Certified spiritual healer I – IV (Zentrum für Geistige Aufrichtung in München)
2012: Attunement and certification in Reiki Usui Ryoho Grade I and II
2013: Certified energetic straightening practitioner and teacher (Energie Harmonisierung München)
2013: Attunement and certification Reiki Usui RyohoGrade III Master
2014: Certified Angel Intuitive® (by Doreen Virtue in person)
2014: Certified Angel Card Reader™ (by Doreen Virtue)
2015: Dowsing workshop (Mon bien être naturel, Le Cannet)
2015: Workshop in Lithotherapy – (Mon Bien Etre Naturel, Le Cannet)
2016: Attunement and certification in Reiki Usui Ryoho Grade IV – Teacher (Bio – Energétique, Nice)
2016: Workshop “Develop your psychic and spiritual abilities” (Serge Boutboul)
2017: Dowsing workshop advanced (Mon bien être naturel, Le Cannet)

2017: Intensive course “The new homeopathy – vibrational healing with signs and symbols” (Roswitha Stark)