Cercle d'Energie | Workshops
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Courses and Workshops

Angels are available to everyone at any time. During this workshop you will discover different methods how to connect with the angels. You will learn how to recognize the signs and messages they are sending us in order to help and guide us in our daily life.

An angel card reading is an easy way of getting angelic messages and answers in order to advance and get guidance in any situation of your life. Every angel card has loving, caring and encouraging messages.

The children of the new generation are born on a higher vibration level and don’t fit into the classic and traditional way of functioning. In this workshop, they will learn  in an easy and playful way a new approach to handle their family and school environment as well as their own energy in order to get more confidence and to accept that their sensibility is a gift. Easy exercises will help to balance their energy in the daily life.

Angel Navigation

Be guided by the angels, your own spiritual navigation system in your daily life!
The angels show you the way to a happier life and give you the directions and solutions how to handle difficult situations.

This workshop offers you everything you need to get a prompt and direct connection to the angels (angel card reading included).

Personalized workshops and courses
Personalized workshops and courses individually or for a group of people can be organized for special dates on demand. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.
A deposit payment is required to confirm your reservation. Settlement facility possible on request.