Cercle d'Energie | Reiki Healing
This is where I perform Reiki healing in Mandelieu, France
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What is Reiki?

Reiki according to Mikao Usui is a soft Japanese healing method, where universal life energy activates the self healing forces of your body.

Reiki was re-discovered at the beginning of the previous century by the Japanese Dr. Mikao Usui and since then has spread all over the world. Rei means mind/ soul and Ki means energy and vital force. Reiki stands for holistic and unlimited life energy.


What does Reiki do?

The Reiki treatment adjusts the flow of energy so that the organs and the life power forces will get into balance, blockages will be dissolved and body and mind and soul will be strengthened. Your energetic system will be re-established in harmony and balance on the physical, spiritual and emotional level.

When does Reiki help?

  • as pain relief and palliation of symptoms
  • when you feel exhausted and under permanent pressure
  • when you are stressed, nervous, anxious of suffering from emotional distress
  • alleviation of side effects from medication e.g. Chemotherapy
  • prevention, e.g. chronic diseases and allergies
  • as relaxation and increase in well-being
  • as revitalization on all levels
  • spiritual and emotional purification
  • to strengthen your immune system
  • for a calm and relaxing sleep
  • accelerates the recovery from post traumatic experiences

What happens at a reiki treatment session?

During the Reiki treatment, where the client is lying horizontally fully dressed, powerful universal Reiki energy flows through the hands of the practitioner into the energetic system of the patient. The Reiki practitioner does not give away his own energy, but acts as a channel for the universal energy flowing through him. The intensity of the energy flow depends on the need of the client and he only takes up as much healing energy as needed this particular part of the body or problem. He feels warmth, cold or prickling, which is an indication that at this point Reiki is especially needed. Reiki healing energy penetrates clothes, bandages and casts.

For whom is Reiki suitable?

Reiki is suitable for everybody, all ages including babies, infants, children and pregnant woman.

Reik has no side effects and is a perfect complementary therapy to any traditional treatments.

A series of 4-6 sessions is recommended.