Cercle d'Energie | Distant Healing
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Distant Healing

What is a distant energy treatment?

It’s a powerful and effective energy treatment (Reiki and spiritual healing) with activation of the self healing process and strengthening of your healing potential for acute physical pain and emotional or mental distress.

As we are all energetically connected, distant healing is immediately effective without any time difference, not bound to space nor time limits and works over thousands of kilometers, wherever you are.

Distant healing

For whom is a distant energy treatment recommended?

Distant healing is suitable for everybody, especially for seriously ill people who are in hospital or a retirement home or who are not mobile.

How does the procedure of a distant energy treatment work?

  • Arrangement of date and time and preliminary telephone consultation
  • I’ll need a photo of the person to be treated and a short explanation of the pain or problem
  • At the agreed time the person to be treated should be in relaxed position without pursuing any other activity
  • Shortly before and shortly after the distant healing I’ll send you a short telephone contact or sms
  • I’ll be happy to receive your feedback and I’m of course available if you have any questions

Which advantages do you get from a distant energy healing session?

  • More flexibility for your timing
  • You save time
  • You can relax in your own environment directly after the session.
  • Gives the possibility for patients in hospital to benefit from energy treatment as alleviation of medical side effects and re-boost your vital energy.