Cercle d'Energie | Energetic Cleaning for homes
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Energetic Cleaning for homes

What is an energy cleaning for homes or offices?

Every day we are exposed to a high amount of electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones, computers, TV, electronic appliances, WLAN, floor heating, microwave, and also environmental pollutants like varnishes and coatings, chemicals, glues, pesticides, etc. All these poisons affect our health and result in insomnia, lack of energy, depression, anxiety, concentration disturbances.


What happens during an energy home or office cleaning?

During the energy cleaning, harmful energies are converted and neutralized into low frequencies, but do now not affect your health any more. The result is permanent and needs to be repeated once you move into another house or apartment.You and your guests will feel the increase of quality in your environment for people, pets and plants. Special cleaning from heavy metals for all family members is included. An harmonic and balanced environment is an important condition to be empowered with a healthy body and a relaxed mind.

When is a distant energy home or office cleaning recommended?

  • When moving to a new place to neutralize the energies of the previous renter or owner, electromagnetic radiation and chemical products.
  • After a longer period of sickness to neutralize all heavy energies during the difficult time.
  • Once you got a new vehicle or mobile telephone (only when the telephone number changed).
  • After emotional events within the place (for example divorce, burglary, death).

What’s the procedure of a distant energy cleaning?

  • Arrangement of date and time and preliminary telephone consultation.
  • I’ll need an outside photo of the house (with garden) and the building where the apartment is located and please mention on which floor.
  • The home (garden), cars, telephones, mobiles phones receive clearing. All family members including pets receive a clearing from heavy metals.
  • At the agreed time it’s recommended that the inhabitants are at home, as well as the pets in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Shortly before and shortly after the distant healing I’ll send you a short telephone contact or SMS.
  • I’ll be happy to receive your feedback and I’m available if you have any questions