Cercle d'Energie | Workshop angel navigation
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Workshop angel navigation

Workshop Angel Navigation

The angels are our spiritual navigation system

Get guidance in your daily life from the angels, your own spiritual GPS.

The angels show us the way to abundance, a new direction to find your dream job that satisfies you and pays your bills, the speed how in which to take the next corner in a difficult relationship, the way to happiness and to a better health.


  • Learn how to connect to the angelic frequency
  • Learn how to recognize and understand the heavenly signs showing  you the direction to take
  • Lift your vibration for a better angelic communication
  • Discover the powerful system of “automatic writing”
  • Learn how to get spiritual directions by the help of angel card readings (how to do an accurate angel card reading, different types of card spreads and more)


This workshop is a great deal, offering you the main elements from the workshops “Make your life easier by connecting to the angels” and “Angel Card Reading Course”.

Details for the upcoming workshops

Date: to be announced

Time: From 2 pm to 6 pm

Rate: 60 euros per person

Address: 10 Corniche d'Or, 06590 Theoule sur Mer

Reservation: Deposit payment 35€